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Waterfall Jets

Waterfall Jet Blade Screw -
These are the replacement screws used to hold the waterfall jet blade in place.
$ 0.99(HST excl.)
Waterfall Screw Cap -
These are the replacement caps that will snap into the jet blade to cover the stainless steel screws.
$ 0.99(HST excl.)
Waterfall Jet Blade Only -
This clear blade is the replacement piece that fits into the front of the Hydropool Waterfall Pillow.In the past Hydropool had a grey blade. This can be used as a replacement as well.Approximately 12' long and held in by 2 screws.
Screws are not included with the blade and must be purchased separately.
$ 25.99(HST excl.)
Waterfall Jet Complete -
This Waterway manufactured Jet has been used on Hydropool Self Clean and Swim Spa models since 2005. This jet helps release the natural endorphins that act as a natural pain suppressor. It helps relieve stress, headaches and pain and is fully adjustable.
This jet comes complete with the jet blade as well as the jet body.
$ 64.99(HST excl.)
Laminar Water Jet -
This Pop up jet has been used on Hydropool Swim spas ordered with an additional water feature
$ 41.99(HST excl.)
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