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Air Controls

Air Control Notched -
This 1" Waterway air control was used on our spas from 2003 - 2007. Air Control Assembly - complete grey notched 1" (06 and prior)
$ 16.99(HST excl.)
Air Control Scalloped -
This 1" Waterway Air control can be used as a replacement for most 1" Air controls. Air Control Assembly - COMPLETE GREY SCALLOPED 1" (06 and prior)
$ 16.99(HST excl.)
Air Control Metal Swirl -
This 1 " Air Control was used by Hydropool from 2008 to the beginning of the 2009 production year.
it has a two tone grey top with an "S" shaped handle
$ 12.99(HST excl.)
Air Control Silver Gray -
This two tone gray air control was originally used in a stainless steel material.
It was first used on all Hydropool models from 2009-2011.
In 2011 and 2012 it was only used on the Hydropool Serenity line.
$ 16.99(HST excl.)
Air Control Toggle -
This toggle style air control was first introduced in 2011 to Hydropool Self Clean models.It was then introduced to the Serenity Spas in 2012.
It is currently being used on all Hydropool Spas
$ 15.99(HST excl.)
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